Max Deen Larsen

Max Deen Larsen (6 March 1943 – 12 January 2018) founder and director of the de:Franz-Schubert-Institut in Baden, Austria.


Deen, son of Max and Maida Larsen, was born in Richfield, Utah. He has lived in Baden by Vienna since 1973. Larsen received his degrees in literature and philosophy at Reed College, Yale University and the Universität Wien.

He taught poetry at the Yale School of Music and at the Vienna Music Academy, history of opera at Stanford in Austria and was adjunct professor of music at the University of Alberta in Canada. He also taught at other schools and academies. Deen Larsen was the founder and director of the Franz Schubert Institute Baden.

Deen Larsen was buried on January 30, 2018 at the Municipal Parish Cemetery (Stadtpfarrfriedhof Baden) in Baden Austria.

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