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Maverick Square is a section of the neighborhood of East Boston in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The square is intersected by several thoroughfares, but is most notably recognized by the convergence of Chelsea Street and Meridian Street. At the heart of the square is Maverick Station, which is part of the Blue Line of the MBTA.

In 2010, a revitalization of Maverick Square began.

The nearby Maverick public housing project – once a source of urban blight that gave the area the reputation as the most crime-ridden in the neighborhood – has been redeveloped by Trinity Financial and the East Boston Community Development Corporation. The razing of crime-ridden high-rises, reintroduction of the urban street grid removed in the 1940s, and construction of individual homes with privates access, combined with mixed-income home ownership, contribute to the area's revitalization.


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