Nga La language

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Matu, also known as Matu Chin (Matupi) is a Kuki-Chin-Mizo language spoken in Matupi township, Chin State, Burma, and also in Mizoram, India by the Matu people. The "Nga La" dialect is the most common used dialect in Matupi and is the official language of Matupi township other than Bamar or Burmese language, which is the official language of Myanmar.

Matupi Chin
RegionBurma, India
Native speakers
70,000 (2012)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3hlt


Ethnologue lists the following dialects of Matu Chin. Matu of Mizoram, India is reportedly not intelligible with Matu varieties in Myanmar.

  • Ciing (Langle (Tamtlaih) -Ngaleng, Phanaeng, Voitu)
  • Doem (Valang) (Official language of Matu)
  • Nguitu (Leiring)
  • Thlangpang (Changpyang-Ramtuem)
  • Haltu
  • Ngala (Batu-Hnawte)
  • Ta'aw (Daihnan, Luivang)
  • Tuivang (Amsoi-Rawkthang)
  • Matu Dai (Madu-Weilu)
  • Weilaung (Kronam-Leishi)
  • Thaiphum


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