Matthew Michael Carnahan

Matthew Michael Carnahan (sometimes credited as Matt Carnahan) is an American screenwriter[1] who wrote the feature film The Kingdom (2007), and the film adaptation of the hit BBC television drama serial State of Play. Carnahan also wrote the screenplay for Lions for Lambs for United Artists.[2] His brother is Joe Carnahan, who wrote and directed Narc (2002), Smokin' Aces (2006) and The A-Team (2010).

Matthew Michael Carnahan
Other namesMatt Carnahan
OccupationScreenwriter, film director
RelativesJoe Carnahan (brother)

He worked on the screenplay for the zombie film World War Z (2013). He wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation of Nemesis with his brother Joe Carnahan.[3]


Year Title Director Writer Producer Notes
2007 The Kingdom No Yes No
Lions for Lambs No Yes Yes
2009 State of Play No Yes No
2013 World War Z No Yes No
2015 Codes of Conduct No Yes executive TV miniseries;
Co-creator with Steve McQueen
2016 Deepwater Horizon No Yes No
2019 21 Bridges No Yes No
Dark Waters No Yes No
2019 Mosul Yes Yes No


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