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Mathew Fogarty (born 30 October 1956) is an American male badminton player who has specialized in doubles events. He has shared the men's double title in four U.S. National Badminton Championships (1980, 1984, 1986, 2000) with three different partners.[1] In 2008, he won the bronze medal at the Pan Am Badminton Championships in the mixed team event.[2] He also won the men's doubles bronze medal in 2009 and 2014.[3][4] In 2015, at age 58, Fogarty became the oldest shuttler competing at the BWF World Championships at the Istora Senayan Indoor Stadium, Jakarta. He has been qualified for the BWF World Championships seven times. He practiced six days a week after work to maintain his fitness.[5] Fogarty work as a Physician by practice in the US Navy.[6]

Mathew Fogarty
Personal information
Country United States
Born (1956-10-30) 30 October 1956 (age 63)
Height1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)
Highest ranking168 (MS) 5 Nov 2011
72 (XD) 25 June 2018
Current ranking595 (MS) 25 June 2018
72 (XD) 25 June 2018
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Pan Am ChampionshipsEdit

Men's Doubles

Year Venue Partner Opponent Score Result
2014 Markham Pan Am Centre,
Markham, Canada
  Bjorn Seguin   Adrian Liu
  Derrick Ng
11-21, 10-21   Bronze
2009 Coliseo Olímpico de la Universidad de Guadalajara,
Guadalajara, Mexico
  David Neumann   Antonio de Vinatea
  Martin Del Valle
21-18, 14-21, 16-21   Bronze

BWF International Challenge/SeriesEdit

Men's Doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2016 Manhattan Beach International   Bjorn Seguin   David Yedija Pohan
  Ricky Alverino Sidarta
17-21, 14-21   Runner-up
2014 Puerto Rico International   Bjorn Seguin   Giovanni Greco
  Rosario Maddaloni
13-21, 12-21   Runner-up
2011 Colombia International   Nicholas Jinadasa   Lucas Alves
  Andrés Corpancho
21-13, 15-21, 21-17   Winner
2010 Colombia International   Alistair Casey   Pablo Aguilar
  Bruno Monteverde
11-21, 21-18, 19-21   Runner-up
2009 Guatemala International   David Neumann   Kevin Cordón
  Rodolfo Ramírez
16-21, 14-21   Runner-up
2009 Mexican International   David Neumann   José Luis Gonzalez
  Andrés López
18-21, 21-16, 14-21   Runner-up
2009 Colombia International   David Neumann   Santiago Zambrano
  Sebastian Teran
21-9, 17-21, 21-14   Winner
2007 Puerto Rico International   Dean Schoppe   Kumasaka Guilherme
  Pardo Guilherme
10-21, 15-21   Runner-up
2000 Brazil São Paulo International   Dean Schoppe   Luis Lopezllera
  Bernardo Monreal
15-9, 15-10   Winner
2000 Pan American Classic   Kevin Han   Andy Chong
  Henrik Wiberg
15-8, 15-4   Winner
1998 Suriname International   Dean Schoppe   Brent Olynyk
  Iain Sydie
3-15, 2-15   Runner-up
1998 Miami International   Andy Chong   Howard Bach
  Kevin Han
5-15, 12-15   Runner-up
1998 Brazil São Paulo International   Dean Schoppe   Guilherme Kumasaka
  Paulo von Scala
10-15, 15-8, 15-11   Winner

Mixed Doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
2002 Brazil São Paulo International   Lina Taft   Rodrigo Pacheco
  Lorena Blanco
3-11, 1-11   Runner-up
2000 Pan American Classic   Lina Taft   Andy Chong
  Kokoe Tanak
2-15, 14-17   Runner-up
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     BWF International Series tournament
     BWF Future Series tournament


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