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Masters W85 marathon world record progression

Masters W85 marathon world record progression is the progression of world record improvements of the marathon W85 division of Masters athletics. Records must be set in properly conducted, official competitions under the standing IAAF rules unless modified by World Masters Athletics.

The W85 division consists of female athletes who have reached the age of 85 but have not yet reached the age of 90, so exactly from their 85th birthday to the day before their 90th birthday. Marathon running is not normally seeded into age divisions so all of these records were set in marathon race open to most other age groups.


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Time Athlete Nationality Birthdate Location Date
5:14:26 Betty Jean McHugh  Canada 07.11.1927 Honolulu 09.12.2012
5:36:15 Helen Klein  United States 27.11.1922 Napa Valley 02.03.2008
5:40:52 Ruth Rothfarb  United States 18.06.1901 Washington 02.11.1986