Master (American band)

Master is an American death metal band led by Paul Speckmann. The band was originally formed in Chicago, United States, but later relocated to the Czech Republic.

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Background information
Also known asDeath Strike
The Speckmann Project
OriginChicago, Illinois
GenresDeath metal, thrash metal[1]
Years active1983–present
From Beyond
Ibex Moon
Nuclear Blast
System Shock
Dead Center Productions
WebsiteOfficial website
MembersPaul Speckmann
Patrick Shea
Ruston Grosse


The band was originally formed in 1983 as Death Strike, after the demise of the band War Cry. The band's sound was influenced by Venom, Slayer and Motörhead. In 1985, Speckmann renamed the band Master, and obtained a record deal with Combat Records. An album was recorded, but was shelved due to issues with the label. The recording sessions for the album were released in 2003 by Displeased Records as Unreleased 1985 album. In 1990, the band signed with the German label Nuclear Blast. The label also had Speckmann's other band, Abomination, under contract. Master released their debut album, titled Master, in 1990. The album was recorded with Mittelbrun on guitars and Schmidt on drums. Nuclear Blast did not approve of the album; it was later re-recorded with Nickeas (drums) and Martinelli (guitar), and eventually released as the Speckmann Project in 1991.

Master released On the Seventh Day God Created ... Master in 1991, which featured Paul Masvidal on lead guitar. Collection of Souls was released in 1993, but Master did not re-sign with Nuclear Blast. Master went on hiatus, in search of a new record label. Master released Faith Is in Season in 1998 through Pavement Music. Speckmann focused on several other projects, including the resurrected Abomination. Speckmann eventually joined Czech band Krabathor, and subsequently relocated to the Czech Republic.[2]

Master released Let's Start a War in 2002 on System Shock. After releasing Spirit of the West in 2004, Master signed with German label Twilight Vertrieb, and released Four More Years of Terror in 2005. Slaves to Society was released in May 2007, and the band embarked on a European tour in May and June 2007.


Studio albumsEdit

  • Master (1990)
  • On the Seventh Day God Created... Master (1991)
  • Collection of Souls (1993)
  • Faith Is in Season (1998)
  • Let's Start a War (2002)
  • Unreleased 1985 Album (2003)
  • The Spirit of the West (2004)
  • Four More Years of Terror (2005)
  • Slaves to Society (2007)
  • The Human Machine (2010)
  • The New Elite (2012)
  • The Witchhunt (2013)
  • An Epiphany of Hate (2016)
  • Vindictive Miscreant (2018)

Live albumsEdit

  • Live in Mexico City (2000)
  • Live Assault (2012)
  • Mangled Dehumanization (2012)
  • Live (2018)


  • Follow Your Savior (2001)

Compilation albumsEdit

  • Pieces (2003)
  • Command Your Fate - The Demo Collection (2017)


  • "Smile as You're Told" (2011)
  • "Pay to Die Live" (2016)



  • Rehearsal Demo (1985)
  • 1991 Demo (1991)
  • The Final Word (1995)
  • Everything Is Rotten (2005)



  • Paul Speckmann - bass/vocals
  • Patrick Shea - guitars
  • Ruston Grosse - drums


  • Petr "Christopher" Krystof as Ronald Reagan - guitars (on Let's Start A War album)
  • Chris Mittelbrun - guitars
  • Paul Masvidal - guitars
  • Jeff Kobie - guitars
  • Brian Brady - guitars
  • Sage Gonzalez - guitars
  • Libor "Skull" Lebanek as Harry Truman - drums (on Let's Start A War album)
  • Bill Schmidt - drums
  • Aaron Nickeas - drums
  • Sage Johnson - drums
  • Steve Baily - drums
  • Ales "Alex 93" Nejezchleba - guitars
  • Zdenek "Zdenal" Pradlovsky - drums


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