Masten Wanjala

Masten Milimu Wanjala (2001 – 15 October 2021)[1] was a Kenyan suspected serial killer. He was accused of killing 10 boys in Nairobi.[2][3]

Masten Wanjala
Born2001 (2001)
Bungoma, Kenya
Died (aged 20)
Bungoma, Kenya
Cause of deathLynching
Span of crimes

Wanjala admitted to drugging and murdering more than 10 boys since 2019, and to drinking the blood of some.[1][4] He gained their confidence by pretending to be a football coach, and held some for ransom.[5]

He was arrested on 14 July 2021,[4] and was held at Jogoo Road police station, but had yet to be charged[6] when he escaped from custody on 13 October.[7] The three police officers on duty at the time were arraigned on charges of allowing and assisting his escape; they said there was a power cut at the police station that night.[6] Two days after his escape, Wanjala was lynched by an angry mob in Mukhweya, Bungoma County, where his parents live; they have disowned him.[1][5]


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