Maskeliya Oya

The Maskeliya Oya (translated into Maskeliya River from Sinhala) is a major upstream tributary of the Kelani River. The tributary measures approximately 40 km (25 mi) in length, originating from the hills of the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, before passing through the Maskeliya Reservoir. Maskeliya Oya converges with the Kehelgamu Oya at Kalugala, forming the 100 km (62 mi) long Kelani River. The river is heavily used for hydroelectric power generation.[1][2]

Maskeliya Oya
Maskeliya River
Downstream view of the Maskeliya Oya, as seen from near the Polpitiya Hydroelectric Power Station.
Physical characteristics
SourcePeak Wilderness Sanctuary
MouthKelani River
 • location
 • coordinates
06°58′58″N 80°27′00″E / 6.98278°N 80.45000°E / 6.98278; 80.45000Coordinates: 06°58′58″N 80°27′00″E / 6.98278°N 80.45000°E / 6.98278; 80.45000
Length40 km (25 mi)

Features on the riverEdit

The following table lists the major features along the Maskeliya Oya, from its origins further upstream. Some dams hold back water, and transfer a percentage of it to hydroelectric power stations located further downstream, via tunnels.

Type Subject Location
Waterfall Fairlawn Falls 06°46′20″N 80°37′20″E / 6.77222°N 80.62222°E / 6.77222; 80.62222 (Fairlawn Falls)
Reservoir Maskeliya Reservoir 06°49′47″N 80°33′40″E / 6.82972°N 80.56111°E / 6.82972; 80.56111 (Maskeliya Reservoir)
Dam Maskeliya Dam 06°50′37″N 80°32′56″E / 6.84361°N 80.54889°E / 6.84361; 80.54889 (Maskeliya Dam)
Power station Canyon Hydroelectric Power Station 06°52′09″N 80°31′40″E / 6.86917°N 80.52778°E / 6.86917; 80.52778 (Canyon Hydroelectric Power Station)
Dam Canyon Dam 06°52′18″N 80°31′34″E / 6.87167°N 80.52611°E / 6.87167; 80.52611 (Canyon Dam)
Waterfall Laxapana Falls 06°53′57″N 80°30′03″E / 6.89917°N 80.50083°E / 6.89917; 80.50083 (Laxapana Falls)
Power station New Laxapana Hydroelectric Power Station 06°55′05″N 80°29′31″E / 6.91806°N 80.49194°E / 6.91806; 80.49194 (New Laxapana Hydroelectric Power Station)
Power station Old Laxapana Hydroelectric Power Station 06°55′07″N 80°29′30″E / 6.91861°N 80.49167°E / 6.91861; 80.49167 (Old Laxapana Hydroelectric Power Station)
Dam Laxapana Dam 06°55′08″N 80°29′22″E / 6.91889°N 80.48944°E / 6.91889; 80.48944 (Laxapana Dam)
Power station Polpitiya Hydroelectric Power Station 06°58′40″N 80°27′24″E / 6.97778°N 80.45667°E / 6.97778; 80.45667 (Polpitiya Hydroelectric Power Station)
Dam Broadlands Dam 06°58′43″N 80°27′16″E / 6.97861°N 80.45444°E / 6.97861; 80.45444 (Broadlands Dam)
Confluence Kelani River 06°58′58″N 80°27′00″E / 6.98278°N 80.45000°E / 6.98278; 80.45000 (Confluence of Kehelgamu Oya and Maskeliya Oya)

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