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Masashi Ueda (植田 まさし, Ueda Masashi, born 1947 in Tokyo[1]) is a manga artist who wrote Kobo, the Li'l Rascal, a four-panel comic that has headlined Daily Yomiuri since 1982 and has amassed over 10,000 strips and 60 compilation volumes, as well as inspiring an anime adaptation.[2]

Masashi Ueda
Area(s)Manga artist
Notable works
Kobo, the Li'l Rascal

Ueda began drawing comic book strips when he worked in his brother's cram school. Ueda began producing Furiten-kun, a comic book strip about a mahjong player, in 1979.[1] In 1982 Ueda won the Bungeishunjū Manga Award.[1][3] During that year he began producing Kobo, the Li'l Rascal. In 1988, as part of the United Nations International Literacy Year he visited Nepal as a special commissioner. In 1999 the Japan Comic Artists Association awarded Ueda a prize.[1]


Title Year Notes Refs[4]
Furiten-kun 1980–94 Serialized in Kindai Mahjong, Kindai Mahjong Original, Gamble Punch, Manga Life
Published by Takeshobo in 19 volumes
Kobo, the Li'l Rascal 1982–present Serialized in Yomiuri Shimbun
Published by Soyosha in 60 volumes, Houbunsha in 33 volumes
Osusume Furiten-kun 1991–92 Serialized in Manga Life
Published by Takeshobo in 8 volumes
Shin Furiten-kun 2002–present Serialized in Manga Life
Published by Takeshobo in 3 volumes
hon nya ra gokko kariagekun (ほんにゃらゴッコ かりあげクン (ja:かりあげクン) ) Published by Action Comics in 48 volumes
Otobokekachō (おとぼけ課長, Contact innocent manager) Published by Honbunsha in 27 volumes
Furiten-kun (フリテンくん) Published by Bamboo Comics in 17 volumes
Tokumori! Ueda masashi (特盛!植田まさし) Published by Manga Time / My Pal Comics in 11 volumes
Sukkarakāsan (すっから母さん) Published 8 volumes
Masashi-kun (まさし君) Published by Hobunsha Comics in 5 volumes
Nonki-kun (のんき君) Published by Hobunsha Comics in 4 volumes
Rakuten Papa (らくてんパパ) Published in Kondansha Comics, 3 volumes
Nikoniko ega otto (にこにこエガ夫) Published by Bamboo comics, 2 volumes


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