Martin Wegelius

Martin Wegelius (10 November 1846 – 22 March 1906) was a Finnish composer and musicologist, primarily remembered as the founder, in 1882, of the Helsinki Music Institute, now known as the Sibelius Academy.

Martin Wegelius

Wegelius studied in Leipzig, Vienna and Munich. He had intended to pursue a career as a composer, and wrote handful of orchestral works and a significant number of chamber and vocal works. He was a particular admirer of Wagner but wrote predominantly in the Romantic style. After founding the Institute he had little time for composing, and appears to have concentrated exclusively on teaching. Graduate of Wegelius' Institute include Jean Sibelius and Agnes Tschetschulin.

He is often compared with his contemporary and rival Robert Kajanus, founder of the Helsinki Symphony Orchestra, the first professional symphony orchestra in the Nordic countries.

He is buried in the Hietaniemi Cemetery in Helsinki.[1]


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