Martín Peña (Hato Rey)

Martín Peña is one of the 4 subbarrios of barrio Hato Rey Norte, in the municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico.[2] The subbarrio has more than 2000 informal houses which get flooded with waters of the Martín Peña Channel.

Martín Peña
View of the Martín Peña Channel
Martín Peña is located in Puerto Rico
Martín Peña
Martín Peña
Coordinates: 18°26′16″N 66°03′40″W / 18.4378565°N 66.0611900°W / 18.4378565; -66.0611900Coordinates: 18°26′16″N 66°03′40″W / 18.4378565°N 66.0611900°W / 18.4378565; -66.0611900[1]
Commonwealth Puerto Rico
Municipality San Juan
BarrioHato Rey Norte
 • Total4,677
 Source: 2010 Census
Time zoneUTC−4 (AST)

For 30 years the community of Martin Peña dealt with the dirty waters of the Martin Peña Channel[3] and in 2016 the area was still not safe from raw sewage.[4]

In 2017 the community celebrated some victories such as their Community Land Trust[5] but continued demanding the betterment of their community[6] stating 26,000 people were still affected.[3]


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