Marseille exhibition bombing

On 30 September 1983, a bomb detonated during an international fair at the Palais des Congrès (exhibition centre) in Marseille, France. One person was killed and 25 other people were injured in the attack, which happened near the American and Algerian stands.[1]

Marseille exhibition bombing
LocationMarseille, France
Coordinates43°16′22″N 5°23′41″E / 43.2727°N 5.3947°E / 43.2727; 5.3947Coordinates: 43°16′22″N 5°23′41″E / 43.2727°N 5.3947°E / 43.2727; 5.3947
Date30 September 1983
TargetMarseille International Fair (Foire International de Marseille)
Attack type

Many groups claimed responsibility, including the Charles Martel Group, the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia, the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions and Commando Delta.[2][3] The real culprits were never identified.

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