The Marmorhaus (English: Marble House) is a former movie theater located on the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. Opened in 1913, it takes its name from a large marble façade. Designed by the architect Hugo Pál, the walls of the foyer and auditorium were decorated by the expressionist artist Cesar Klein.[1]

A view of the cinema in 1957.

During the silent era it frequently functioned as a venue for premieres of new films. These included The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,[2] Johannes Goth,[3] The Woman in Heaven,[4] The Head of Janus,[5] Genuine,[6] Four Around a Woman,[7] Wandering Souls,[8] and The Haunted Castle.[9]

Owned by the giant UFA company for many years, it was later developed into a multiplex. In 2001 the cinema was closed and the property sold off.


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