Marketing brochure

Booklet cover in style of marketing brochures: summarizes main issues being taught.
Diagram displayed in style of a marketing brochure: shows central product related to other issues.

The term "marketing brochure" refers to a small document, or pamphlet, which describes and promotes various products or services to be marketed. Some companies have developed computer printing software to generate marketing brochures,[1][2] which might be available for use at a public library. However, it is common for a company to have a marketing brochure prepared by a professional printing company (or department) which has experience in creating such documents. As compared to a flyer or a handbill, a printed brochure usually has higher-quality paper and more color, and is folded or stapled at the seam.

Because the goal of a marketing brochure is typically to assist in sales or distribution of products and services, the wording in the brochure is often very positive, with "glowing terms" to describe the features and benefits being offered. It is unlikely for a marketing brochure to list major complaints customers have stated about the products, in an effort to avoid any negative aspects about those products or services. The focus is typically on persuasion, to encourage people to want to obtain the items being described in the brochure.

Origin of termEdit

The term "marketing brochure" dates back many decades, such as for advertising new automobile features of the 1955 Ford Thunderbird.

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  • Executive summary - a document or section which summaries features or issues for top executives


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