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Mark Andrew Slater (born April 1, 1969, in Reigate, Surrey) is a British film composer, conductor, cellist and pianist. He is the composer for the film Flatland, 400 Years of the Telescope.[1], and numerous planetarium fulldome films.[2] He lives in Tokyo, Japan and is a professor of film music at Andvision International Music School, Tokyo[3].Slater is a sponsored artist of the Make Art Not War Foundation.[4]

Mark Slater and London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios
Mark Slater conducting the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios

Early years edit

Slater’s musical background includes a father who is a professor of music and conductor, a degree from the London College of Music and five years as a cathedral chorister at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.[5] Slater appeared on Central TV in 1982[6] as a treble soloist on A Ceremony of Carols filmed as a follow-up to an album issued by ASV Records and on the 1984 Decca release of the Messiah performed by the Academy of Ancient Music.[7] In 1998, Slater made his debut at Dorking Halls, Surrey as a solo pianist performing Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini.[8] Slater's "crisp" piano playing was compared to Gershwin in a performance of Rhapsody in Blue.[9] A composition by Slater written for a fund raising concert in 1999 for Kosovo War refugees 'Tempus Fugit' made a "stunning impression."[10] Slater appeared in other Surrey concerts as a conductor[11] and organist.[12]

Recent years edit

In 2006 Slater scored the animated feature film Flatland: The Film[13][14][15] directed by Ladd Ehlinger Jr. In 2007 Tribal DDB commissioned Slater to provide a film score for the Philips Aurea Seduction by Light[16][17] campaign.[18] The project won prestigious industry awards in the Consumer Electronics category including specific awards for music[19] and People's Voice at the 12th Annual 2008 Webby Awards.

In 2008 Slater scored the music for 400 Years of the Telescope,[20] a PBS special for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, with the London Symphony Orchestra, which garnered Slater a Telly Award. The related fulldome video project, Two Small Pieces of Glass, became the most played planetarium full dome film shown for 3 years in a row.[21] Planetarium Director Andrew Kerr said "it has the most spectacular beginning of any planetarium show", noting the "visceral feeling" created by the score with the visuals.[22] This marked the start of acclaimed soundtracks[23] for the fulldome planetarium world[24] such as Natural Selection (2010),[25] Dinosaurs at Dusk (2013),[26] Edge of Darkness (2015), Mars 1001 (2018).[27]

In 2020, Slater produced music for the Tokyo Olympics VR coverage by COSM Studios[28] and an 8-part VR series for Meta Platforms, Tokyo Origami.[29] The episode "Through the Eyes of an Otaku" won Best Short at the Brno Fulldome Film Festival.[30]

In 2021, Slater collaborated with Argentinian composer Gabriel Lococo on an anti-war concept album about the Falklands War / Guerra de Malvinas: a 10-week undeclared war between Argentina and the United Kingdom in 1982 over the islands.[31] The album, Temas Unidos,[32][33] was recognized by the legislature of Buenos Aires as Culturally and Socially Significant in 2022.

In 2023, Slater was the mixing engineer and producer for a live concert album from the Whisky a Go Go nightclub with Uruguayan–Argentine singer Alika and Quinto Sol performing[34]

Awards edit

  • Cannes Cyberlions Grand Prix (Seduction by Light)[35]
  • Webby Award (Seduction by Light)[36][37]
  • The One Show (Seduction by Light)[38]
  • Web Award (Seduction by Light)[39]
  • Telly Award (400 Years of the Telescope)[40]
  • Imiloa Fulldome Film Festival (Natural Selection)[25]
  • Accolade Competition (Saved by Grace)[41]
  • European Independent Film Award (Saved by Grace)
  • Virgin Spring Cinefest (Saved by Grace)
  • Fulldome Festival Brno (Tokyo Origami)[30]

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