Maritsa Hotel

The Maritsa Hotel (Bulgarian: Хотел Марица) is a Bulgarian four-star hotel, located in Plovdiv.

Maritsa Hotel
(Bulgarian: Хотел Марица)
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Maritsa Hotel (2008)
General information
Town or cityPlovdiv
Coordinates42°9′22″N 24°44′55″E / 42.15611°N 24.74861°E / 42.15611; 24.74861Coordinates: 42°9′22″N 24°44′55″E / 42.15611°N 24.74861°E / 42.15611; 24.74861


It is situated on the northern bank of the Maritsa river, facing the International Fair Plovdiv across the Tsar Boris III Boulevard, in the city's northern district.

The hotel has 47 single rooms, 87 double rooms and 18 flats.

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