Marion Center Area School District

The Marion Center Area School District is a school district in the state of Pennsylvania. It is located in Marion Center in Indiana County. It also serves the municipalities of Creekside, Washington Township, Ernest, Rayne Township, Plumville, East Mahoning Township, South Mahoning Township, Grant Township, and Canoe Township. The school's athletic teams compete in the Heritage Conference of District 6.

Marion Center Area School District
22820 Pennsylvania 403
Marion Center
, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, 15759
United States
Coordinates40°44′45″N 79°02′03″W / 40.74582°N 79.03409°W / 40.74582; -79.03409
District information
SuperintendentClint Weimer
School boardPresident: Gregg Sacco

Vice President: William McMillen

Treasurer: William Cornman

Voting Member: Charles Beatty Jr.

Voting Member: Victoria Dicken

Voting Member: Dwight Farmery

Voting Member: Ronald Fulton

Voting Member: Charles Glasser

Voting Member: Tony Moretti[2]
Budget$27,040,365 [1]
Students and staff
District mascotStingers
ColorsGreen and Gold
Other information
This is the logo of the Marion Center Stingers, the school district's mascot.

School campus edit

The school district consists of three buildings: Marion Center Area High School (grades 7–12), Rayne Elementary School (grades Pre-K–6), and W. A. McCreery Elementary School (grades Pre-K–6). The High School and W. A. McCreery Elementary are situated on the school's main campus at the intersection of 119 North and Pennsylvania 403 in Marion Center.

The school's campus at one time extended to additional schools: Creekside-Washington Elementary School in Creekside, and Canoe-Grant Elementary School in Rochester Mills. Both buildings closed in 2010 during consolidation and were later sold in 2012.

The school district is bordered by five other school districts: Indiana Area S. D., Penns Manor S. D., Punxsutawney S. D., Purchase Line S.D., as well as Armstrong S.D. (in Armstrong County).[3]

Elementary schools edit

  • Rayne Elementary School[4]
    2535 Rte. 119 Hwy. N.
    Home, Pennsylvania 15747
  • W. A. McCreery Elementary School[5]
    PO Box 199
    22810 Pennsylvania 403
    Marion Center, Pennsylvania 15759

High school edit

  • Marion Center Area High School[6]
    PO Box 209
    22800 Pennsylvania 403
    Marion Center, Pennsylvania 15759

Governance edit

The school district is governed by 9 individually elected board members (serve four-year terms),[7] the Pennsylvania State Board of Education, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Pennsylvania General Assembly.[8] The federal government controls programs it funds like Title I funding for low-income children in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the No Child Left Behind Act, which mandates the district focus resources on student success in acquiring reading and math skills.

History edit

The Marion Center High School began in 1916 as a three-year high school on North Manor Street in Marion Center. The first class of two persons (Edgar Dawson and Walter Simpson) was graduated April 16, 1917.

In 1929 a new brick building was erected by E.E. Nupp Construction Co., Starford, Pa. This is now incorporated into the present high school building. The faculty was headed by William A. McCreery who had been teaching here since 1925 and was elected principal in 1928. In 1954 work on an extensive addition to the high school was begun and continued into 1955. Addition classrooms, including a new commercial department, a shop, and storage facilities were added to the building in 1962. The Marion Center East Mahoning Joint School Board was organized in 1928.

In 1951 an important change came with the organization of a new high school jointure consisting of Marion Center, Canoe Independent, East Mahoning, Grant, Rayne, South Mahoning, Plumville, and Washington. The new joint school board, with representatives from each district, supplanted the old Marion Center-East Mahoning Joint Board effective July 1, 1951. From this point, the high school and its affiliate elementary buildings became known as the Marion Center Area School District. Mr. McCreery was elected Supervising Principal.

In 1955 the jointure was extended to the elementary grades. Under the School District Reorganization Act of 1963, effective July 1, 1966, the school assumed the title of Marion Center Area High School.

Athletics edit

Boys Athletics edit

Girls Athletics edit

The school district has many extra-curricular activities, including an AFJROTC and a marching band.

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