Marino Dandolo (died 1233)

Marino Dandolo (fl. 1195–1233) was a Venetian nobleman and administrator.



Marino Dandolo is first attested as a witness in Constantinople in 1195.[1] He served as ducal councillor in 1207/08, as ambassador to the King of Germany, Otto IV, in 1209, and again as ducal councillor in 1210/11.[1]

Dandolo is next attested as the Venetian Podestà of Constantinople in spring 1214, meaning that his tenure—usually of two years—was sometime between 1214 and 1216.[1] In 1223 he was podestà of Treviso.[1] In 1224 he was involved in an investigation on the embezzlement of funds during this time in office at Constantinople, but not personally accused.[1]

During the ducal election of 1229, he was a candidate, but lost to Jacopo Tiepolo.[1] In 1233 he was elected as governor of Zara (Count of Zara), but was murdered near Treviso.[1]


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