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Marie Sarantakis (Μαρίά Κατέρίνά Σαραντακίσ born on July 15, 1989) is an attorney, best-selling author, and former model.[1]


As a child, Sarantakis spoke primarily Greek.[2] In elementary school she became fluent in the English language. Sarantakis was home schooled throughout middle school and began attending Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the age of sixteen.[3] Sarantakis graduated magna cum laude from Carthage College as a Clausen Scholar, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in political science and philosophy.[4] While attending Carthage she served as Chapter President and Founder of the American Criminal Justice Association.[5] She was recognized with a Patterson Leadership award and earned distinction as a Wingspread Fellow of the Johnson Foundation.[6] Sarantakis' undergraduate career examined the shifting attitudes of young people in the United States and the effect of secularization in the public policy debate concerning same-sex civil liberties. Sarantakis examined the tension between church and state and predicted the legalization of same-sex marriage, or its equivalent, as the Millennial generation gained the majority in political office.[7] Her empirical study "Aging Millennials: Predictions on the Progression of Public Policy Regarding Same-Sex Civil Liberties" was published in the Wisconsin Sociological Association's academic journal, Sociological Imagination.[8] Sarantakis graduated cum laude with a juris doctor degree from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois.[9]


Sarantakis is an Italian-American author and her debut book, Essentially Raw, serves as an introductory guide to the raw food lifestyle.[10] The book sold over 15,000 electronic copies within its first two weeks of release.[11] Essentially Raw has been sold in Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, India, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States of America. Sarantakis appeared on Fox News Radio, where she advised listeners to take a moderate approach when adapting their diets, and aiming for a 51% raw lifestyle.[12] Differentiating herself from other advocates, Sarantakis does not recommend a strict raw diet, but rather the gradual integration of a steady amount of fruits and vegetables into one's daily routine.[13]


Sarantakis is an advocate helping to find stable homes for abused and neglected animals.[14] She serves as a Young Professionals Board Member to Illinois Legal Aid Online, a volunteer program providing services and support to lower income Illinois residents.[15] Sarantakis is also an Associate Board Member of the Lawyer Assistance Program of Illinois, an organization aiding lawyers and Judges recover from addiction, substance abuse, and mental health issues.[16]


Sarantakis began her modeling career being featured in British automotive magazine Max Power.[2] She was thereafter notably pictured on the cover of the United Kingdom edition of Danielle Steel's novel One Day at a Time.[2] In 2009 Sarantakis was named the 16th Sexiest International Model by Nifty Magazine.[17] As Sarantakis transitioned from a model to a writer, she was named one of the top ten babes of the blogosphere by CBS's The Mancave.[18]

Attorney at LawEdit

Sarantakis practices family and criminal law as a member of the Illinois bar.[9] Sarantakis quickly attained notoriety in the legal field by releasing a series of provocative and funny legal commercials in 2017.[19] Later that year she was recognized as a Top 10 Family Law Attorney Under 40 in Illinois by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys (NAFLA).[20] In 2018, Ms. Sarantakis was featured as a SuperLawyer Rising Star in Chicago Magazine.[21]


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