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Marie-Luise Gothein

Gothein's grave in Heidelberg

Marie-Luise Gothein (12 September 1863–24 December 1931) was a Prussian scholar, gardener and author.

Gothein was born Marie Luise Schröder in Passenheim, East Prussia.[1] She wrote the monumental History of Garden Art, regarded as a standard work. It was published in German in 1913 and English in 1928. It is said to be the "best and most comprehensive" history of the world's gardens.[2] After the deaths of her husband and her sons in the First World War, Gothein traveled east and wrote a book on Indian gardens.

She was quoted as saying "The journey through the history of the garden is to walk through the garden of history. People, nations, generations, we are learning in their intimate, domestic habits, their scientific interests, their living and thinking, its solemnity, its decoration." She died in Heidelberg.


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