Marianne Schönauer

Marianne Schönauer (1920–1997) was an Austrian stage, television and film actress. During her career she made over fifty appearances in film and television series and also enjoyed success as a singer.

Marianne Schönauer
Born31 May 1920
Vienna, Austria
Died9 July 1997 (aged 77)
Vienna, Austria
Other namesMarianne Schifferes
Years active1947 – 1997 (film)

She was born in Vienna as Marianne Schifferes to a Jewish father, Karl Schifferes. He emigrated to France following the Anchluss, but was arrested and died in Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942.

Schönauer emerged as a star of Austrian cinema in the years following the Second World War in films such as G.W. Pabst's The Trial (1948).[1] She married the art director Gustav Manker whom she divorced in 1956. She had 2 twin daughters, Marianne and Felicitas Schönauer born in Vienna 1958.

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