Mariage d'amour

"Mariage d'amour" (English: Marriage of Love) is a piece of French solo piano music, composed by Paul de Senneville in 1979, and first performed by the pianist Richard Clayderman from his album Lettre À Ma Mère in 1979.[2] Later, pianist George Davidson performed this piece of music from his album My Heart Will Go On with a slightly different version.[3]

"Mariage d'amour"
Song by Richard Clayderman
from the album Lettre à Ma Mère
Published1979 (1979)
Length2:41[1] [Richard Clayderman's version]
4:23 [George Davidson's version]
Composer(s)Paul de Senneville

This version is sometimes erroneously attributed to Frédéric Chopin as "Spring Waltz" because of an upload on YouTube with the wrong title, which reached over 34 million views before being removed.[4][5] As of March 2019, several new copies with that erroneous title are available on YouTube, and one of them has reached over 100 million views.[6]


The piece was written in the key of G minor. Having a tempo of around 72 bpm, the time signature changes several times, starting in 4/4, then moving on to 5/4 and 3/4, and then back to 4/4. It has a chord progression of Gm–Cm–F–B–D.


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