Margaret of Valois, Countess of Blois

Margaret of Valois (1295–1342) was a French noblewoman. She was a daughter of Charles, Count of Valois, and his first wife, Margaret, Countess of Anjou.[1] She was also a sister of King Philip VI of France.

Margaret of Valois
Died1342 (aged 46–47)
Noble familyValois
Spouse(s)Guy I, Count of Blois
FatherCharles, Count of Valois
MotherMargaret, Countess of Anjou

In 1310, she married Guy I, Count of Blois.[2] They had three children together:

  1. in 1334 to Rudolph, Duke of Lorraine (d. 1346)
  2. Frederick VII [bg], Count of Leiningen-Dagsburg.


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