Margaret of Hanau-Münzenberg

Countess Margaret of Hanau-Münzenberg (6 April 1471 – 5 September 1503 in Worms) was a daughter of Count Philip I of Hanau-Münzenberg and his wife, Countess Adriana of Nassau-Dillenburg.

Countess Margaret
Born6 April 1471
Died5 September 1503(1503-09-05) (aged 32)
Noble familyHouse of Hanau (by birth)
FatherPhilip I, Count of Hanau-Münzenberg
MotherAdriana of Nassau-Dillenburg

Her family negotiated her entry into the Liebenau monastery as early as 1477,[1] and she was accepted there as a nun.

Correspondence between her and her father has been preserved,[2][3] which shows that she still took an interest in the affairs of her family after she entered the convent.



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