Margaree Salmon Association

The Margaree Salmon Association is a wildlife conservation group that was established in 1982 in Margaree, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. The association is a nonprofit organization,[4][5] that dedicates itself to restoration ecology, through conservation,[6][7] protection and enhancement of spawning and rearing habitat of the salmonid lineage; specific to the Atlantic salmon and trout species. The association engineers habitat enhancing structures[8] into tributaries of the Margaree River watershed. The Margaree River is public domain, attracting yearly visits by anglers near and far.[9][10] The Association was involved in the nomination and designation of the Margaree River-Lake Ainslie watershed; as a Canadian Heritage Rivers System. [11] As well, the Association works in collaboration with the Inland Fisheries Division of the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture[12] and Fisheries and Oceans Canada,[13] to assist with scientific study[14] in areas of broodstock collection, stock assessment and water quality[15] sampling.

Margaree Salmon Association
Margaree Salmon Association
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PurposeWildlife Conservation
Official language
President Bill Haley,[1] Vice President Paul MacNeil, Vice President Leonard Forsyth, Treasurer John Stinson, Secretary Greg Lovely, Rod Bird, Keith Christmas, Wayne Cleveland, Joseph Googoo, Peter Mancini, Joel Robinson.
AffiliationsAtlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation, Margaree Fish Hatchery,[2]Unama'ki Institute of Natural Resources[3]

The Margaree Salmon Association works in partnership with the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation[16] and the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream Program[17][18] to carry out habitat improvement initiatives.


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