Marcus Lauesen

Marcus Lauesen (born November 22 1907 in Løjt Kirkeby [da], Aabenraa - died October 14, 1975 in Copenhagen[1]) was a Danish author from the Region of Southern Denmark town of Løjt Kirkeby, a suburb of Aabenraa. He debuted with Guds Gøglere in 1928 and had a breakthrough in 1931 with And Now We Await a Ship (Danish: Og nu venter vi paa Skib), a psychological novel about a shipbuilding family based upon the history of the author's hometown of Aabenraa.[2] He was awarded De Gyldne Laurbær in 1961 for Mother (Danish: Mor), a novel about his childhood in Løjt Kirkeby.[3]


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