March 1893 Serbian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Serbia in early March 1893.[1] Although the People's Radical Party had won a large majority in the 1889 elections, by 1893 a Liberal government led by Prime Minister Jovan Avakumović was in place.[1]

March 1893 Serbian parliamentary election

← September 1889 March 1893 May 1893 →
  First party Second party Third party
  Nikola Pašić cph.3b31626.jpg Jovan Avakumovic Crop.jpg Milutin Garasanin1.jpg
Leader Nikola Pašić Jovan Avakumović Milutin Garašanin
Party NRS Liberal SNS
Seats won 64 64 4

Prime Minister before election

Jovan Avakumović

Prime Minister after election

Lazar Dokić

The Liberals and People's Radical Party both won 64 seats, with the Progressive Party winning four.[2] However, Liberals had manipulated the elections, which would have otherwise resulted in a majority for the People's Radical Party.[3] As a result, the People's Radical Party threatened to boycott the Assembly, meaning the quorum of 68 members could not be achieved.[3]

A coup d'état was carried out by King Alexander on 13 April, with the Liberal government of Jovan Avakumović removed from office and replaced by a cabinet headed by Lazar Dokić and composed of People's Radical Party members.[4] The National Assembly was dissolved, and fresh elections called.[4]


People's Radical Party64–46
Liberal Party64+49
Progressive Party4New
Source: The Times[2]


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