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Marc Hostert (born 18 July 1965) is an official of the Government of Luxembourg who is working at the European Court of Auditors. Active in television and radio media in Luxembourg, he is one of the judges of the RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg television show Success Story.[1] He also appears on the RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg show Kapital[2] and the RTL Radio show Carte Blanche.[3]

Marc Hostert
Born (1965-07-18) 18 July 1965 (age 53)
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
OccupationLuxembourg Government Official, TV presenter
Known forRTL Luxembourg TV shows Success Story and Kapital, RTL radio show Carte Blanche
Height6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)

On 23 June 2008, Hostert became Chevalier in the Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


Professional lifeEdit

Luxembourg GovernmentEdit

Having entered the Luxembourg civil service in 1993, Hostert was appointed Conseiller de Gouvernement 1st class on 10 October 2004[4] when he was also named Commissioner for administrative simplification for enterprises at the Ministry of Small and Medium sized enterprises.[5] He has since held several public positions in Luxembourg including:

  • Director of enterprise policy department at the Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade
  • Executive Chairman of the National Committee for Administrative Simplification for Enterprises[6]
  • Chairman of the Board of l'Institut National pour le Développement de la Formation Professionnelle Continue (INFPC)[7]

European Court of AuditorsEdit

Since 2008, Hostert has worked at the European Court of Auditors, most recently as Head of the Private Office [8] of Henri Grethen, the Member of the Court for Luxembourg. Better Regulation, Impact Assessment and Trans-European rail networks have been amongst his topics of interest.

Other professional activitiesEdit

Hostert's other professional activities include the development of the portal, through which he held the following positions:

  • President of the Board of the Association Nationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques (ANESEC)[9]
  • Founding President of the Board of the Amicale et Mutuelle des Universitaires en Sciences Economiques (AMUSE)[10]
  • President of the Board of Fondation des Universitaires en Sciences économiques de Droit Luxembourgeois (FUSE)[11]

Media appearancesEdit

Since 2000, Hostert has appeared on approximately 100 episodes of the RTL the TV broadcast Kapital on which he has interviewed politicians and national and international business people and economists. He is a regular contributor to the RTL Radio show Carte Blanche in which he offers his personal views on current topics. Since 2010, Marc has been one of the judges of the RTL television show Success Story in which potential entrepreneurs seek support for their business ideas.

Early life, educationEdit

Born in Luxembourg in 1965, Hostert attended the European School Luxembourg (ESL). He completed a Masters in Business Administration at the European Business School in Frankfurt, London and Paris and a degree in political and administrative sciences from Montpellier 1 University. He also studied under the supervision of Professor Susan Strange at the European University Institute in Florence. In 2013 he obtained a doctorate in general management at the conservatoire national des arts et métiers ( CNAM Paris) under the supervision of Professor Jean-Paul Lemaire ESCP Paris and Yvon Pesqueux CNAM Paris. The title of his PHD thesis was: Strategy for the internationalisation of a small open mature economy (SOME) : the case of Luxembourg : key elements, challenges and levers.


Publications include l’Entrepreuneuriat dans la Grande-Région,[12] La politique de développement et de diversification économiques — Impact sur la création d’emplois nouveaux – Essai d’un Bilan 1975-1995[13] and Luxembourg – Tolerant but conservative.[14]


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