The Marble-Swift was an American automobile manufactured in Chicago, Illinois from 1903 until 1905.[1]

TypeRunabout, Touring Car
ManufacturerMarble-Swift Automobile Company
DesignerGeorge W. Marble, George P. Swift
SuccessorWindsor Motor Car Company

History edit

George W. Marble and George P. Swift patented a friction transmission and originally planned to sell it as a stand-alone product. Marble-Swift Automobile Company was formed and built a factory in Chicago to manufacture complete cars and the new transmission.[1]

The Marble-Swift was a friction-drive runabout with a 16-hp twin-cylinder engine. In 1905 it was enlarged to a four-cylinder 22-hp touring car with the friction transmission, selling for $1,500 (equivalent to $50,867 in 2023).[1][2]

In 1905 Marble-Swift was succeeded by the Windsor Motor Car Company.[1]

References edit

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