María Luisa Sánchez Bustamante

María Luisa Sánchez Bustamante de Urioste (19 August 1896 - 1 November 1988)[1] was a Bolivian feminist and founder of the Ateneo Femenino, an organization which was crucial in the fight for equality in Bolivia.[2] She was president of said organization, a position she maintained for twenty-eight consecutive years.[3] She is the aunt of Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, who served as President of Bolivia on two occasions: (1993-1997) and (2002-2003).

María Luisa Sánchez Bustamante
Born(1896-08-19)August 19, 1896
DiedNovember 1, 1988(1988-11-01) (aged 92)
SpouseArmando Julio Urioste Arana
Parent(s)Daniel Sánchez Bustamante
Carmen Calvo

Biography edit

Don Armando Julio Urioste, husband to Doña María Luisa Sánchez Bustamante.

She was born to a family with a long political tradition in her country, being one of ten children of Daniel Sánchez Bustamante and Carmen Calvo Molina.[1] Her siblings were: Vicente, Julio, Daniel, Isabel, Carmen, Mercedes, Luz, Javier and Jaime.[4] She was married to Don Armando Julio Urioste Arana, a business magnate and industrialist that worked as General Manager of the Cement Society of La Paz and as Director of the Company of Constructions of La Paz.[5]

Alongside the Ateneo Femenino, she pushed forward the legislation that gave women the right to vote in Bolivia.

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