Manzoor Hussain (field hockey)

Manzoor Hussain Junior Golden Player (born 28 October 1958 in Sialkot, Pakistan) is a hockey player from Pakistan.

Manzoor Hussain
Personal information
Born28 October 1958

A forward, Manzoor Hussain played between 1975 and 1984, he was capped 175 times with 86 goals. He won Bronze in the 1976 Olympics and was Captain of Pakistan team that won Gold at the 1984 Olympics. Manzoor was also the member of Pakistan team that won World cup in 1978 and 1982. He was known for his exceptional stick work, and one of its remarkable display was in 1982 World cup final where he scored the goal by dodging six German defenders.

Manzoor Hussain and his two brothers, Maqsood Hussain and Mahmood Hussain represented Pakistan in 1984 Champions Trophy in Karachi in a match and made world record.

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