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The Mansfield Independent Forum is a local political party in the local government district of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, England. It was officially registered in 2005, having already successfully campaigned for the election of Tony Egginton as Mayor of Mansfield two years earlier.[1] Egginton had stood for election after being convinced to do so by the leader of the pro-Mayoralty campaign, Stewart Rickersey.

Mansfield Independent Forum
LeaderCllr Mick Barton
TreasurerKate Allsop
Nominating OfficerCllr Andrew Tristram
Founded14 July 2005
Headquarters3 Wellcroft Close
Mansfield District Council
13 / 36
Nottinghamshire County Council
2 / 66



The directly elected Mayor of Mansfield was created following moves made by Mansfield-based businessman Stuart Rickersley to change the governance of Mansfield through a public referendum.[2] Local newsagent Tony Egginton was encouraged to stand as an independent candidate in the ensuing election, and was elected to the position on 17 October 2002.[3]

Following Egginton's successful election as Mayor, numerous independent councillors were elected in support of Egginton and Rickersey, winning control of the council with 25 seats.[4] Most of the newly elected councillors were new and inexperienced.[5] Egginton formed his Cabinet mostly of MIF members including Rickersey as Portfolio Holder for Corporate Issues.[6] The party was officially registered with the electoral commission on 14 July 2005, formalising the existence of a party that had unofficially existed since Egginton's election. Fellow Mansfield Independent Kate Allsop was elected to succeed Egginton following his retirement in 2015.

Election resultsEdit

The Mansfield Independent Forum has contested elections since Tony Egginton's election in 2002, first informally as an alliance of independent councillors in 2003 and then formally as a registered UK political party from 2005 onwards.

Mayoral electionsEdit

Tony Egginton served as Mayor of Mansfield from 2002 until his retirement in 2015. He was succeeded by Kate Allsop, also of the Mansfield Independents.

Year Candidate Popular vote Position Majority
1st Pref 2nd Pref
2002 Tony Egginton 4,150 5,951 #1 588
2007 Tony Egginton 12,015 13,720 #1 4,936
2011 Tony Egginton 10,901 12,680 #1 63
2015 Kate Allsop 17,604 22,600 #1 2,880
2019 Kate Allsop 5,860 7,928 #2 -2

District Council electionsEdit

Mansfield Independent Forum councillors held a majority on Mansfield District Council from 2003-2011. The party lost control of the council to the Labour Party in 2011 before regaining control in 2015.[7]

Year Councillors Control
25 / 37
Mansfield Independent
29 / 37
Mansfield Independent
10 / 37
15 / 37
Mansfield Independent
13 / 37
No Overall Control

County Council electionsEdit

Mansfield Independent Forum has been represented on Nottinghamshire County Council since 2009. Following the 2017 election the party became the junior partner in a governing coalition with the Conservatives.[8]

Year Councillors Control
0 / 66
6 / 66
2 / 66
4 / 66
No overall control

UK Parliament electionsEdit

The party fielded a candidate in the 2005 election, coming third behind Labour and the Conservatives.[9] In the 2010 general election they were reduced to fourth place behind the Liberal Democrats.[10] The party was critical of the 2010 result, attributing their reduced vote share to the fact that major parties benefited from mass media coverage, and the fact that the general election did not use the supplementary vote system used for mayoral elections in Mansfield.[11][better source needed] The party did not field official candidates in the 2015 or 2017 general elections.

Year Candidate Votes % Position
2005 Stewart Rickersey 6,491 17.0 #3
2010 Andre Camilleri 4,339 9.0 #4

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