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Manius Acilius Aviola (consul AD 54)

Manius Acilius Aviola was a senator of the Roman Empire. He was consul ordinarius in AD 54 with Marcus Asinius Marcellus as his colleague. Aviola is also recorded as being governor of Asia in 65/66.[1] According to Brian Jones, Aviola was also curator aquarum (or "superintendent of the aqueducts") from 74 to 97.[2] He is known almost solely from surviving inscriptions.

Aviola has been identified as the son of Gaius Calpurnius Aviola, suffect consul of AD 24.[1] Assuming that he became consul anno suo, he would have been born around AD 22, making this relationship more likely. He is known to have lived into Domitian's reign, and that he married Aedia Servilia, the daughter of Marcus Servilius Nonianus (consul AD 35).[3] Older authorities, such as Edmund Groag, have identified Aviola with the Avilius mentioned by Juvenal,[4] but Gallivan has argued that Aviola is a different person.[5]

Although it is not known if Aviola had any children, there is a Manius Acilius Aviola, suffect consul in 82, who is sometimes identified as his son, and Manius Acilius Aviola, ordinary consul in 122, who is sometimes identified as his grandson.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Publius Calvisius Ruso,
and Quintus Caecina Primus

as Suffect consuls
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Marcus Asinius Marcellus
Succeeded by
Marcus Aefulanus,
and ignotus

as Suffect consuls