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The Manhattan address algorithm refers to the formulas used to estimate the closest east–west cross street for building numbers on north–south avenues in the New York City borough of Manhattan.[1][2]


To find the approximate number of the closest cross street, divide the building number by a divisor (generally 20) and add (or subtract) the "magic number" from the table below:

Street/Avenue Building No.  Divisor Magic No.  (unrounded result)
Avenue A All    
Avenue B All    
Avenue C All    
Avenue D All    
1st Avenue All    
2nd Avenue All    
3rd Avenue All    
4th Avenue All    
5th Avenue 63–108     14.15–16.4
5th Avenue 109–199     18.45–23
5th Avenue 200–399     26.05–36
5th Avenue 400–599     38.05–48
5th Avenue 600–774     50.05–58.75
5th Avenue 775–1286     59.6–110.6
5th Avenue 1287–1499     110–120
5th Avenue Above 1500     124+
6th Avenue All    
7th Avenue 1–1800     12.05–102
7th Avenue Above 1800     110+
8th Avenue All    
9th Avenue All    
10th Avenue All    
11th Avenue All    
Amsterdam Avenue All    
Audubon Avenue All    
Avenue of the Americas All    
Columbus Avenue All    [3]
Broadway 1–754 (few numbered streets south of 8th)
Broadway 756–846     8.8–13.3
Broadway 847–953     17.35–22.65
Broadway Above 953     16.65+
Central Park West All    
Convent Avenue All    
East End Avenue All    
Edgecombe Avenue All    
Ft. Washington Avenue All    
Lenox Avenue All    
Lexington Avenue All    
Madison Avenue All    
Manhattan Avenue All    
Park Avenue All    
Park Avenue South All    
Pleasant Avenue All    
Riverside Drive 1–567     72.1–128.7
Riverside Drive Above 567     134.7+
St. Nicholas Avenue All    
Vanderbilt Avenue All    
Wadsworth Avenue All    
West End Avenue All    
York Avenue All    

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