Manda (kaiju)

Manda (マンダ) is a fictional monster, or kaiju, which first appeared in Ishirō Honda's 1963 film Atragon, produced and distributed by Toho.[1] Manda is based on a Japanese dragon, and is depicted as a giant sea-dwelling serpent which can survive on land. Manda's roars were created through recordings of lions bellowing.[2]

Godzilla film series character
Manda the kaiju.jpg
Manda as it appears in Destroy All Monsters
First appearanceAtragon (1963)
Last appearanceGodzilla: Final Wars (2004)
Created byEiji Tsuburaya
Voiced byPatrick Seitz (Unofficial)


Manda is a Giant Sea Dragon about 150 meters (492.126 feet) long and weighs 30,000 metric tons (33069.339 short tons) in the Shōwa period, and 300 meters (984.252 feet) long & weighs 60,000 metric tons (66138.679 short tons) in Godzilla: Final Wars.

Shōwa periodEdit

In Atragon, Manda is a sea-dwelling dragon that is the guardian of Mu, an underwater kingdom. Manda is one of the primary antagonists along with the Empress. When the submarine warship Gotengo attacks, Manda attacks and wraps its body around the ship, trying to crush it. But the Gotengo discharges electricity on Manda and shocks it. Manda unwraps itself and tries to swim away, but the Gotengo pursues it, later firing its Absolute Zero Cannon to freeze Manda.

Manda reappears again on Monsterland (along with several other monsters including Godzilla, Rodan, and Anguirus) in Destroy All Monsters. Aliens called Kilaaks come to Earth and take control of Manda and the other monsters, making them attack cities worldwide (Manda is used to attack London) until the humans manage to free the monsters from the alien mind control. After this, the monsters are sent to fight King Ghidorah, although Manda does not fight in the battle, merely watching from the sidelines with Varan and Baragon. After Ghidorah is killed, Manda and the other monsters return to Monsterland.

The Manda prop used in Destroy All Monsters had no horns or whiskers on its face and the long fuzz running down its back was gone.

Millennium periodEdit

In the Millennium series, Manda is the first monster to be killed in Godzilla: Final Wars, playing a minor role, once again as an adversary of the Gotengo. The Gotengo attacks Manda which is wrapped around its hull. The super-submarine manages to shake it off and sails into an underwater volcano to see if it can lure Manda inside. The plan works, but Manda is merely injured and continues to pursue the Gotengo. The submarine then whips around and fires its Zero Cannon which hits Manda, causing it to freeze instantly, after which Gotengo uses its drill to easily pierce the frozen Manda, causing the monster to shatter and die. In this movie, Manda, along with Zilla and Kamacuras while flying, is computer generated.

Reiwa periodEdit

In the prequel novel: Godzilla: Monster Apocalypse, Manda inhabited the North Atlantic Sea and reclaimed the Dover Strait as its territory and it and sunk ships. Later the Gotengo engaged during "Operation: Eternal Light" and kill Manda. However, Manda or another Manda appeared in "Project: Mechagodzilla, it appeared in the Gulf of Persia during "Operation: Great Wall".



Video gamesEdit


Cultural referencesEdit

  • Manda is used as the name for a giant snake, and boss of the Snake Summons, in the Naruto manga series.
  • The Manda suit is used in Ultra Q Episode 6 as a flame breathing dragon.


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