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Mangyongdae (Korean만경대) is a neighborhood in Mangyongdae-guyok, Pyongyang, North Korea. North Korean propaganda claims Mangyongdae is the birthplace of North Korean leader Kim Il-sung, although in his memoirs he wrote that he had been born in the nearby neighborhood of Chilgol. Mangyongdae is where his father Kim Hyong-jik was from, and where Kim Il-sung spent his childhood.[1]

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Korean name
Revised RomanizationMangyeongdae

Mangyongdae has been designated as a historic site since 1947, and is listed as a Revolutionary Site.[2][3] Original structures at the site have been replaced with replicas.[1]

Mangyongdae has since been incorporated to the city of Pyongyang.[4] The Football at the Mangyongdae Prize Sports Games and Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon are both named after the area.


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