Mammy (1951 film)

Mammy is a 1951 French drama film directed by Jean Stelli and starring Gaby Morlay, Pierre Larquey and Françoise Arnoul.[1]

Mammy (1951 film).jpg
Directed byJean Stelli
Written byAlejandro Casona (novel)
Pierre Laroche
Albert Valentin
Produced byClaude Dolbert
StarringGaby Morlay
Pierre Larquey
Françoise Arnoul
CinematographyMarc Fossard
Edited byAndré Gug
Music byMarcel Landowski
Codo Cinéma
Distributed byConsortium du Film
Release date
28 November 1951
Running time
81 minutes

It was shot at the Saint-Maurice Studios in Paris. The film's sets were designed by the art director Raymond Druart.


Madame Pierre, known as Mammy, dotes on her grandson Maurice. He has been away in Canada for ten years, and is a disreputable lowlife. However her husband has created a false image of a decent, happily-married architect for her benefit. When news comes of Maurice's disappearance in a plane crash, Mammy is so distraught that her husband hires a young couple to pose as Maurice and his invented wife Marthe, in the hope that his wife will accept them as real.



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