A mammoty (Tamil: மண்வெட்டி; is a special type of garden hoe common in India and Sri Lanka.


The mammoty's blade is about four times as large as the average garden hoe. It is the gardening implement of choice in these countries. Its name, "mammoty" comes from the word "Man Vetty" ("Man" rhymes with "one") in Tamil, a language spoken in Tamil Nadu in India and some northern parts of Sri Lanka. In Sinhala, it is called Udalla. "Mann" in Tamil, language means earth or soil and "Vetti" refers to a cutter. Colloquially it is called "Mambutty" or "Mambty".

There are two types of Manvetti; the Manvetti with the shorter handle and the Manvetti with the longer handle. The short handled Manvetti exerts more pressure but tiresome to use continuously. The long handled Manvetti is less strenuous and useful for long and continued work. The short handled Manvetti is widely used in wet lands for trenching, bunding etc. Its important to mention that though the long handled Manvetti is used in states like Kerala in India, the shorter one is preferred or widely used.