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Mamdouh Salem

Mamdouh Muhammad Salem (Arabic: ممدوح سالم‎, IPA: [mæmˈduːħ mæˈħæmmæd ˈsæːlem]; May 7, 1918 – February 24, 1988) was the 39th Prime Minister of Egypt from April 16, 1975 to October 2, 1978.


Salem was born in Alexandria, Egypt. He served as governor of Asyut, Gaarbiya and Alexandria from 1967 to 1971 and then served as Minister of Interior. In 1976 he founded and headed the Egyptian Arab Socialist party.[1]

After three years as prime minister, he was forced to resign after other ministers resigned in protest over the Camp David Accords and President Anwar Sadat appointed a new government. Salem served as an important aid to Sadat. He died in London of an unknown illness.


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