Malleco River

Malleco River is a river in Malleco Province, La Araucanía Region, central Chile. It rises in the western slopes of the Andes, within the Tolhuaca National Park and near Tolhuaca Volcano.[1] After passing by Tolhuaca, it drops into a 50 meter waterfall before continuing towards the Pacific.[2] The river is a major tributary to the Vergara River, which is a tributary of the Biobío River. The Malleco Viaduct, built in 1890 and at the time the highest railroad bridge in the world, is the main landmark of the river and a candidate as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[3]

Malleco River, flows into the Vergara River


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Coordinates: 37°44′S 72°42′W / 37.733°S 72.700°W / -37.733; -72.700