Mali attacks

This article lists attacks that have occurred in Mali since 2020.

Mali attacks
Part of Mali War
Mali (orthographic projection).svg
Location of Mali in Africa
Date2020 - present
Attack type
Deaths181 (+20)

The attacks left at least 181 people dead and another 56 were injured. At least 20 attackers were also killed in this attacks.

Timeline of attacksEdit


Date Location Deaths Injuries Details
7 April 2020 Bamba, Gao Region 25 6 Gunmen on motorbikes attacked a military base in Bamba, Gao Region, Mali, killing at least 25 soldiers and another 6 were injured.[1]
24 April 2020 Mopti Region 12 At least 12 people were killed in multiple attacks in several locations.[2]
6 June 2020 Mopti Region 26 At least 26 people were killed by unknown assailants in Binedama village.[3]
2 July 2020 Mopti Region 32 Gunmen on motorbikes attack an ethnic Dogon village in Mopti Region, killing 32 villagers, according to local authorities. [4]
3 July 2020 Mopti Region 9 2 The Malian Armed Forces says nine troops were killed and two wounded in an ambush by suspected jihadists in Mopti Region. [5]
27 August 2020 Mopti Region 4 12 Four Malian soldiers are killed and 12 wounded when their anti-poaching convoy is ambushed in the volatile region of Mopti. Islamist insurgents are suspected to be behind the attack and reinforcements were sent to the area from the town of Konna.[6]
13 October 2020 Mopti Region 25 Jihadist militants kill 25 people, including 13 soldiers, in multiple attacks across central Mali. A military camp near Bandiagara is looted and burned down by the militants.[7]


Date Location Deaths Injuries Detail
24 January 2021 Mopti Region 6 18 Six Malian troops are killed and 18 others are injured in simultaneous jihadist attacks in the central Mopti Region. The military say around 30 militants were also killed in the clashes.[8]
3 February 2021 Mopti Region 9 (+20) 4 Nine soldiers are killed and six others are wounded during an ambush near the village of Boni, Mopti Region. 20 attackers were are also killed in the attack.[9]
17 March 2021 Gao Region 33 14 At least 33 soldiers are killed and 14 others are wounded in an attack on a military post in Gao.[10]
3 December 2021 Mopti region 31 Thirty-one civilians are killed on a bus near Bankass.

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