Maldwyn Jones

Maldwyn Allen Jones (18 December 1922 – 12 April 2007) was an historian who specialised in American history.

Jones studied at Jesus College, Oxford, from 1946 to 1949, obtaining a first-class degree in history.[1][2] He was a lecturer at Manchester University before becoming chairman of the British Association for American Studies in 1968 and Commonwealth Professor of American History at University College London in 1971.[2]

His most famous work was the synthesis The Limits of Liberty: American History 1607-1980, a volume in the "Short Oxford History of the Modern World" series, published in 1983. This remains the most comprehensive single-authored book on American history.[2]



As editorEdit

  • Maldwyn Jones, Henry Steele Commager and Marcus Cunliffe (eds.), The American Destiny: an Illustrated Bicentennial History of the United States (20 vols., 1976)


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