Malcolm Eden

Malcolm Eden (born 1 September 1963, Ilford, Essex, England) was the vocalist and guitarist in the indie pop group McCarthy between 1985 and 1990. Eden wrote the far left leaning lyrics of the band.[1]

Eden cited the election of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister in 1979, and his dislike of her, as the key event in starting his interest in Marxism.[2] Eden explained the approach to songwriting in McCarthy: "Gary did the drums, although Tim and I used to give him suggestions. I put the lyrics on last. Some of the songs I wrote on my own, like ‘Frans Hals’", also saying, "almost all of the McCarthy songs are sung by a 'character', like a character in a play. I often don’t agree with the sentiments expressed in the song, quite the reverse".[2]

He later formed the short-lived Herzfeld, who released an EP and a 10-inch album on the Duophonic label. In 2005, he contributed vocals to two tracks, "Where You Are", and "True Light", to That Summer's Clear album.


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  • "Two Mothers"/"Who the Scroungers Are" 7" (1993) Duophonic
  • The Sack 10" LP (1994) Duophonic


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