Makomanai Open Stadium

The Makomanai Sekisui Heim Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Sapporo, Japan. During the 1972 Winter Olympics, it hosted the opening and closing ceremonies and the speed skating events.[1] Located inside the Makomanai Park, the stadium holds 17,324 people.

Makomanai Sekisui Heim Stadium
Makomanai Open Stadium Sapporo 2007-06.jpg
Former namesMakomanai Open Stadium (1971–2007)
LocationSapporo, Japan
Coordinates42°59′47″N 141°20′35″E / 42.99639°N 141.34306°E / 42.99639; 141.34306Coordinates: 42°59′47″N 141°20′35″E / 42.99639°N 141.34306°E / 42.99639; 141.34306
OperatorHokkaido Sports Association
Broke ground1970
OpenedFebruary 1971

Currently the stadium holds the speed skating Winter Annual National Competition, and until 2011 the Toyota Big Air snowboarding contest.

During summer it is used as tennis courts (up to 8 at the same time) or futsal fields (up to 2 at the same time).

As of 2021, the Olympic cauldron is still seemingly mounted on the original 1972 plinth, just within the stadium's south east perimeter.



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