Major Malfunction

Major Malfunction is the debut album of American drummer Keith LeBlanc, produced by Fats Comet (one of several aliases of Tackhead), and released in 1986 by World Records.[2] The vinyl release plays continuously from beginning to end on sides A and B, while the World and Cleopatra CD releases index each side as a track. This production was ground breaking in 1986 and copied by many.[3]

Major Malfunction
Keith LeBlanc - Major Malfunction.jpg
Studio album by
Released1986 (1986)
RecordedFebruary 1986
StudioSouthern Studios, London, England
GenreFunk, industrial, electro
ProducerKeith LeBlanc
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Major Malfunction
Stranger Than Fiction
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Despite the almost universal reference to this album as "Major Malfunction," the cover clearly shows "Major Malfuction" as being the title. This was corrected on the Select Cuts reissue.

Track listingEdit

All tracks are written by Keith LeBlanc.

1."Get This/Major Malfunction/Heaven on Earth/Object - Subject (Breakdown's Not Enough)"15:41
2."I'll Come Up with Something/M.O.V.E./Technology Works Dub/You Drummers Listen Good"17:16
Cleopatra Records bonus tracks
3."Mad Years"9:28

The Cleopatra version was erroneously mastered, with Side 2 as track 1 and vice versa.

Select Cuts track listing
1."Get This"2:43
2."Major Malfunction"4:47
3."Heaven on Earth"4:31
4."Object-Subject (Breakdown's Not Enough)"5:13
5."I'll Come Up With Something"3:27
7."Technology Works Dub"5:42
8."You Drummers Listen Good"4:41
10."Einstein" (dub version)2:43
11."Mechanical Movements" (dub version)2:43
12."Old Beat" (Master mix)4:47
13."Tick of Time" (instrumental version)4:31



Charts (1986) Peak
UK Indie Chart[4] 11

Release historyEdit

Region Date Label Format Catalog
United Kingdom 1986 World CD, LP WR 005
United States 2003 Cleopatra CD CLP 1274-2
Germany 2003 Select Cuts CD SELECT CUTS 2023


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