Majestic (1811 ship)

Majestic was launched at Sunderland in 1811. In 1812 she became a whaler in the British northern whale fishery, whaling at Davis Strait. She was lost there on 16 July 1819.

United Kingdom
FateWrecked 16 July 1819
General characteristics
Tons burthen393[1] (bm)
Armament10 guns[1]


Majestic entered Lloyd's Register (LR) in 1812 with Lawrence, master, Lane, owner, changing to Mellish, and trade London, changing to London–Davis Strait.[1]

On 5 April 1816 Lloyd's List (LL) reported that Majestic, Lawson, master, had sprung a leak and had had to put back to Stromness. She was on her way to Davis Strait and was going to have to discharge to effect repairs.[2] Majestic had arrived at Stromness on 22 March and resumed her voyage on 31 March.[3]

On 3 March 1818 at Lerwick during a heavy gale, Majestic, Lawson, master, drove on board Flora, Swaneson, master. Majestic carried away Flora's rigging and stove in her side.[4]

The following data is from Coltish:[5]

Year Master Where Whales Tuns whale oil
1814 Lawson Davis Strait 9 137
1815 Lawson Davis Strait 6 70
1816 Lawson Davis Strait 8 128
1817 Lawson Davis Strait 12 170
1818 Lawson Davis Strait 15 201


On 8 March 1810 Majestic, Lawson, master, sailed from Gravesend, bound for Davis Strait.[6]

On 16 July 1819 Majestic was crushed by ice and sunk in the Davis Strait. Her crew were rescued.[7] Lloyd's List reported on 24 August 1819 that Ocean, Samuels, Equestria of Hull, Majestic of London, Royal Bounty and Thomas & Ann, both of Leith, and Tey of Dundee, had been lost in Davis Strait. Their crews were saved.[8]

Post scriptEdit

In 1824 a harpoon from Majestic in 1819 was recovered from a whale. The harpoon had gotten embedded in the near left fin.[9]

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