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Now the People

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Now the People! (Danish: Det er Folkets tur Nu; French: Maintenant le Peuple ! Finnish: Nyt on Ihmisten Vuoro!; Portuguese: Agora o Povo !; Spanish: Ahora la Gente; Swedish: Det är Folkets tur Nu) is a political movement in the European Union. It was founded in April 2018 by a declaration from Catarina Martins from the Portuguese party Bloco de Esquerda, Pablo Iglesias from the Spanish party Podemos and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of La France Insoumise.

Now the People!

Maintenant le Peuple !
Det er Folkets tur Nu
Nyt on Ihmisten Vuoro!
Agora o Povo !
Ahora la Gente
Det är Folkets tur Nu
FoundedApril 2018
Split fromParty of the European Left
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Left-wing populism
Political positionLeft-wing to far-left
European Parliament groupEuropean United Left–Nordic Green Left
European Parliament
14 / 751
Lower house seats (nations of member parties)
123 / 1,885
Upper house seats (nations of member parties)
3 / 613
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After discussions about the austerity policy of the Greek government under Alexis Tsipras and his Syriza party, the leaders of the leftist La France insoumise departed the Party of the European Left, joined by Iglesias and Podemos as well as Martins and O Bloco.[1] In June 2018, the Danish Red–Green Alliance, Finnish Left Alliance and the Swedish Left Party co-operated with the French Maintenant le Peuple ! (MLP). The Finnish and Danish parties are members of both Now the People and Party of the European Left.[2][3]

Potere al Popolo, a coalition of several small left-wing parties and organizations in Italy, also "lent its support" to MLP,[4] calling it "a very important call proposed by three of the most popular alternatives from Europe [Left Bloc, Podemos and La France Insoumise], which we cannot ignore."[5] However, as Potere al Popolo did not participate in the 2019 European Parliament election, and as it had no incumbent MEPs in the eighth European Parliament, it is not a full member of MLP.[6]

In the European elections, parties associated with MLP won a total of 14 seats. La France Insoumise won six seats, the most out of MLP's constituent parties.[7]

In the ninth European Parliament, MLP joined with other left-wing parties and independents, including the Party of the European Left from which MLP split, in the European United Left–Nordic Green Left group.[8]


There are currently six members of MLP, not including Potere al Popolo (PaP). Except PaP, all are represented in the European Parliament for the ninth term, with three parties (the Red–Green Alliance, the Left Alliance and the Left Party) sending one member to Parliament and another three sending (Podemos, La France Insoumise and the Left Bloc) multiple members. The Unidas Podemos list, which Podemos leads, elected six members to the European Parliament,[9] but only three are members of Podemos and only three sit within MLP in the European Parliament.[10] Two members of Unidas Podemos' list — Manu Pineda and Sira Rego — are members of the United Left (IU)[11] and the third — Ernest Urtasun — is a member of Initiative for Catalonia Greens (ICV), which itself is a constituent party of the regional alliance Catalunya en Comú (CatComú).[12] None of IU, ICV or CatComú are members of MLP. Furthermore, Urtasun does not sit with European United Left–Nordic Green Left as IU and Podemos do; he sits within the European Greens–European Free Alliance group.[13]

Name Country Leader 2019 election list leader Ideology Position Other European party MEPs National MPs Government
Left Bloc
Bloco de Esquerda
  Portugal Catarina Martins Marisa Matias Socialism
Left-wing to far-left European Anti-Capitalist Left
Party of the European Left
2 / 21
19 / 230
External support
We can
(within Unidas Podemos)
  Spain Pablo Iglesias María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop Democratic socialism
Direct democracy
Left-wing populism
Left-wing None
3 / 54
30 / 350
2 / 265
France Unbowed
La France Insoumise
(with GRS)
  France Jean-Luc Mélenchon Manon Aubry Democratic socialism
Anti-globalisation politics
Left-wing None
6 / 74
17 / 577
1 / 348
Red–Green Alliance
Enhedslisten – De Rød-Grønne
  Denmark Collective leadership[a] Nikolaj Villumsen Socialism
Left-wing to far-left European Anti-Capitalist Left
Party of the European Left
Nordic Green Left Alliance
1 / 14
13 / 179
External support
Left Alliance
  Finland Li Andersson Silvia Modig Democratic socialism
Left-wing Party of the European Left
Nordic Green Left Alliance
1 / 13
16 / 200
Junior partner
Left Party
  Sweden Jonas Sjöstedt Malin Björk Socialism
Left-wing Nordic Green Left Alliance
1 / 20
28 / 349


  1. ^ Pernille Skipper is the party’s political spokesperson, ranked first on the party's national election list, and de facto leader
  2. ^ Sitting in opposition, it has agreed to a supplementary agreement, meaning they will not topple Stefan Löfven's Social Democratic government unless the policies go too far to the right.


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