Maigret a Pigalle

Maigret a Pigalle (Maigret in Pigalle) is a 1966 Italian crime film directed by Mario Landi. It is based on the novel Maigret al Picratt's by Georges Simenon.[1][2]

Maigret a Pigalle
Maigret a Pigalle.jpg
Directed byMario Landi
Written bySergio Amidei
Mario Landi
Pierre Kalfon
Story byGeorges Simenon
StarringGino Cervi
Music byArmando Trovajoli
CinematographyGiuseppe Ruzzolini
Release date


One evening, Arlette, a stripper in a Paris nightclub called the "Picrate" in Pigalle, walks into a police station to inform Inspector Lognon of a crime. She overheard two strangers planning to assassinate an old countess in order to rob her of her gold. Nobody gives her any consideration, but in the following hours, the bodies of Arlette and the noblewoman are found; both died by strangulation. Inspector Maigret is about to depart for his annual leave, but he decides to stay in town to help his colleague Lognon in the investigations.


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