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Mahendragiri is the name of a hill in Tirunelveli District, South Tamil Nadu.[1] The hill is located in Tirunelveli District [2] and is part of the southern range of the Western Ghats, with an elevation of 1,645.2 metres (5,398 ft).[3]

Mahendragiri மகேந்திரகிரி
Mahendragiri மகேந்திரகிரி is located in Tamil Nadu
Mahendragiri மகேந்திரகிரி
Mahendragiri மகேந்திரகிரி
Highest point
Elevation1,654 m (5,427 ft)
Coordinates8°23′18″N 77°31′17″E / 8.38833°N 77.52139°E / 8.38833; 77.52139Coordinates: 8°23′18″N 77°31′17″E / 8.38833°N 77.52139°E / 8.38833; 77.52139
LocationNanguneri taluk of Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu India
Parent rangeWestern Ghats
Easiest routeHike/scramble

IPRC, a test facility for Indian Space Research Organisation's launch vehicle and satellite propulsion systems, is situated on the lower slopes of this mountains at Tirunelveli district of Tamil NaduIndia


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